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Why Choose Us for Roofing?

We're Certified

We have team members who are HAAG Certified, Master Shingle Applicator Certified and we have earned a spot in the Owens Corning Preferred Contractor Network. Check out the explanation below to see how these certifications positively affect our customers.

& Insured

We have our own licensed & insured crews that allow us to provide high quality roofing service for insurance repairs and remodels.

Wide-range services

We offer many services such as residential and commercial, minor and major roof repair, new roof installations, insurance claims, and free roof inspections.

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camp harris roofing upgrade

Minden, LA  |  2022

Why ROOFING certifications matter to you

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The HAAG Certification

Residential & Commercial

With fewer than 5 people in the NELA region being HAAG certified, the title holds a lot of weight in the roofing industry. When you experience damage to your roof, choosing a HAAG Certified Inspector to assess your roof’s condition will allow the repair process to go smoothly.


Insurance companies & customers trust HAAG Certified Inspectors because of their extensive training and work experience.

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The Master Shingle Applicator Certification

Contractors who are focused on superior workmanship and customer satisfaction earn the SM credential. The program utilizes the Shingle Applicator's Manual and covers topics such as good workmanship practices, roof systems, estimating, flashing, ventilation, and product installation instructions for all of CertainTeed's shingle products.


The Owens Corning Network

Roofing contractors need to have all of the state licenses for working on roofs. They also need general liability and worker's compensation insurance coverage. With that, good standing with the Better Business Bureau is a must. Finally, they must complete Owens Corning's training and pass an exam.

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Meet Codie & Carson

We are proud to have Codie Poe & Carson White on our team. They have taken extra steps to obtain the HAAG Certifications as well as the Master Shingle Applicator Certification. 

They have an in-depth understanding of damage assessment techniques as well as routine quality inspections.

ID#: 992106083

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Codie Poe

Certified HAAG Roof Inspector


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ID#: 202302054

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Carson White

Certified HAAG Roof Inspector


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A FORTIFIED Roof refers to a roofing system that has been designed and constructed to meet certain standards and guidelines aimed at improving its resilience and ability to withstand severe weather conditions, particularly high winds, hurricanes, and other natural disasters. FORTIFIED Roof is a designation and set of guidelines established by the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting resilient construction practices.

The FORTIFIED Roof Program offers a tiered approach to roof strengthening, with different levels of protection:

FORTIFIED ROOFThe basic level includes strengthening the roof by using high-quality materials and installation techniques to make it more resistant to common weather events.

FORTIFIED ROOF with Enhanced Wind PerformanceThis level involves additional enhancements, such as improving the roof deck attachment and adding bracing in specific areas to provide better protection against high winds.

FORTIFIED ROOF for High Winds & Hail: This level offers even greater protection by incorporating measures to reduce hail damage and increasing the roof's wind resistances.

FORTIFIED ROOF for Hurricane: This is the most comprehensive level of FORTIFIED Roof protection and is designed to safeguard against the extreme forces of a hurricane. It includes improvements to roof coverings, decking, and attachment methods.

To achieve FORTIFIED Roof certification, a roof must undergo an inspection and assessment process to ensure it meets the specific requirements of the chosen level. Homes or buildings with FORTIFIED Roofs may be eligible for insurance discounts, as they are less likely to incur damage in severe weather events, which can ultimately save homeowners and businesses money while providing peace of mind.

FORTIFIED Roofing practices are especially relevant in areas prone to hurricanes, tornadoes, or other high-wind events, as they can significantly reduce the risk of damage and protect the structural integrity of the building.

From roofing to insurance repair and remodeling, 318 Construction proudly serves this community with integrity and excellence.

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When should you get a Roof Inspection?

When you plan to upgrade your roof, the first step is to get a roof inspection. You should also get an inspection done when:

• Your roof is more than 10 years old

• You find shingles on your property

• You notice missing shingles from your roof

• You notice curling of shingles from the ground

• Any time we experience hail, heavy winds, or storms

We provide FREE roof inspections and are available to provide any immediate repairs your roof may require.


We'd Love to Work with You!

If your roof has damage or is outdated, give us a call or message us today.

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