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newly remodeled living area with natural light
Outdated living area with fireplace

Residential Remodeling

newly remodeled living area with natural light and bricks


Monroe, LA

Newly remodeled kitchen with luxury light fixture and marble


Calhoun, LA

newly remodeled bathroom with marble countertop


West Monroe, LA

Rustic door handle

(a remodeled) home

There's no place like

Our Residential Remodel Process

People looking at blueprints pre-construction phase

Pre-Construction Phase

1. Step One - Call Us

Call 318 Construction & ask to schedule a time to meet with one of our friendly, professional Project Managers. A 318 Project Manager will come to your home, listen to your renovation desires and obtain the photos and measurements that will be required to provide you with an estimate for your project.

2. Step Two - Receive Estimate

Your Project Manager will deliver an estimate to you within 1 week and answer any questions you have regarding your proposed project.

3. Step Three - Sign Documents

If you decide 318 Construction is right for you, your Project Manager will provide you with a Work Authorization and Payment Schedule to sign. All costs to you are documented in a payment schedule you will sign before the project begins. The only way the cost changes is with a signed change order.

Contractor with tools in kitchen working

Construction Phase

1. Step One - Materials Selection

318 Construction will provide you with a list of materials that need to be selected as well as a budget for these items. As soon as a deposit is received according to the payment schedule presented in the Pre-Construction phase, construction will begin within two weeks. During the time you wait for construction to begin, you can select the materials you would like to use.

2. Step Two - Regular Updates

Your Project Manager will monitor the quality of your project and communicate with you regularly to provide you with updates.

3. Step Three - Final List

Once the project is significantly complete, your Project Manager will walk through the final punch list with you to ensure your satisfaction.

modern bathroom vanity with copper fixture
newly remodeled kitchen with luxury light fixture and plants

Post-Construction Phase

1. Step One - Professional Cleaning

318 Construction will send a professional cleaning company to leave your remodeled area cleaner than we found it!

2. Step Two - Certificate of Completion

Your Project Manager will ask you to sign a Certificate of Completion indicating that the work is finished.

3. Step Three - Certificate of Satisfaction

A third party will contact you and ask you to answer a series of questions to complete a Certificate of Satisfaction. 318 Construction is committed to providing you premium quality and premiere service!

modern hanging plant pot
Blue modern light fixture

If you are ready for an upgrade to your space, give us a call or message us today.

We'd Love to Work with You!

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